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Wataverse Technology

Smart Environmental Monitoring, Surveillance and Data-Analytics Solutions

Our Goals and Vision

Our mission is to provide our clients with the finest possible solution in terms of new technology that will improve their everyday operational productivity. We are always willing to speak and participate in panels, workshops, and conferences.

Who We Are

Wataverse is a cloud-based solution bundled with a portable device equipped with a range of sensors enabling public administrations, corporations, and citizens to have a granular, real-time view of environmental quality. Our solutions are easily scalable and provide monitoring measurement of the concentration of different parameters in the air, water and humidity level.

Wataverse provides the new creative way of pointing to environmental problems!

As part of Wataverse – we have created a unique data presentation – a solution that turns environmental parameters. We’re specialized in providing solution for industrial such as cosmetics, foods and healthcare. Our vision is to make the technology accessible by the industry player so that it will make the daily operational become easier to manage.

Our Story

Wataverse is a provider of complete IoT/AI solutions. We are a flexible, creative, and experienced company that can offer high-quality results swiftly. Others frequently describe us as innovators and pleasant people with whom to work. We enjoy a good challenge and flourish when we have to think outside the box. Solutions for the food supply chain, transportation, the environment, healthcare, enterprise-grade technologies, and components are all part of our offering. We collaborate with and support the international IoT community, as well as young researchers and innovators.

Wataverse is a cloud-based service that comes with a portable device containing a variety of sensors, allowing government agencies, businesses, and consumers to get a granular, real-time view of environmental quality. Our systems are simply scalable and may be used to monitor the concentration of many parameters in the air, water, humidity, temperature, and so on.

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We have kids, pets, and fulfilling lives in and outside of work. We play sports, music, video games, and love to travel. Like you!

Wan Iqbal 'Abid Bin Wan Kamal

Wan Iqbal 'Abid Bin Wan Kamal


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Muhammad Ameerul

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