Temperature Humidity Monitoring Sensoring Sistem V1 | Ensu Lifesciences


Humidity Temperature Sensoring to the cloud.

Wataverse managed Ensu Lifesciences to reduce cost, reduce risk and provide platform to growth.

The Overview

Ensu Lifesciences is an OEM product manufacturer that has long been established in Malaysia. As manufacturers, there are several guidelines that they need to follow issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH). Among the guidelines set is that humidity temperature readings should be recorded on a scale to ensure the factory environment is free from viruses or bacteria that could harm the production of their products. This process is done manually every day.

Ensu Lifesciences proposes that all processes of recording humidity temperature readings be automated and accessible whenever needed.

The Solution

Wataverse proposes to build an artificial intelligence system that can read the humidity temperature through a sensor, and send records of the humidity temperature readings to be stored and monitored to the central data cloud. All reading records can be accessed at any time as long as there is an internet connection. All recorded and stored data can be analyzed and printed if needed.

The Result

Wataverse delivered the Ensu Lifescience Enviromental Monitoring Sensoring System complete with cloud data center package as a database. We have helped Ensu Lifesciences save more time, cost and manpower. This project takes about 3 months to complete starting from design, build, test, installation, monitoring and training. The above process includes:

  • 20 units of Enviromental Monitoring & Sensoring System installation
  • 20 units of Cloud Service setup
  • 20 Set cabling and adjusted installation & professional calibration
  • 1 training session